Untranslatable words in English

If you are originally from English speaking country you surely think that there is no word that isn’t present in the English language. But, if you ask somebody who is originally from some other country, they will show you how wrong you are. No matter how wide the reach of the English language is, there will always be some words it can’t define, at least not in one word.

For example, how would you describe that feeling you have when you wake up in the morning still drunk from the night before? No, the hangover is not the right word. Danish word “bagstiv” describes this situation perfectly. And that is just one of the many words that are just “untranslatable” to English. Can you remember some word from your country is “untranslatable” to English and that is just too good not to be shared? Check out this great infographic and discover is it on this list of “untranslatable” words.

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