Online analysis and feedback helps you stay on track!

Learning a language is easier when we learn together. Instant feedback from a qualified teacher is a great way to help you monitor your progress, focus on areas of difficulty and stay motivated as you learn.

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You have done an amazing job! You have become an amazing speaker and you have very good writing skills! See you at our next class!
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After each lesson, teachers are asked to evaluate students’ performance on each specific language skill taught or tested during the session. This results in the creation of a history that includes essential information about your progress. All these data are presented in a line chart.

Judging by the infographics, you will have a good indication of whether your level is adequate for undertaking a language certification exam or you need time for improvement.

Immaculate progress has been observed!
Very good
A very satisfactory level has been achieved!
Satisfactory progress has been made!
Further work is required!
Intensive study is required!

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