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Online French Lessons via Skype

French Course Online via Skype and Virtual Classrooms with a native and highly experienced French tutor.

Choose between individual 1-1 classrooms, or pair up with your friend, colleague or partner for lessons in a group of 2!

Enjoy your online French lessons from the comfort of your couch, under the guidance of a highly experienced French teacher! Get fully engrossed in our online French course and learn all the tricks and charms of the French language! 

Whether it’s for everyday conversation or business meetings, our French teachers will be happy to offer you professional guidance and teach you the French language via virtual classrooms, regardless of where you live.

Sign up for our online French lessons and relish the moments of learning French without the need to travel to a French-speaking country. 

Invest in yourself learning a foreign language online:

  • Explore the features of an online French course with an eloquent French teacher who will devise and follow a schedule matching your individual needs.
  • To further extend the range of your knowledge, sharpen your skills with the extra exercises and tasks.
  • Receive detailed feedback on your progress after each session.

Above all, we make sure everything is carefully tailored to your needs so that you’ll never be disappointed!

Our course will boost your motivation to learn the language, making the process of achieving your goals fast and steady! 

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Online French lessons, accessible at any time via Skype and virtual classrooms!

One to One

One to one online live lessons via Skype or other video software.
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Group of 2

Take your friend, colleague, or partner
and join our language courses together.

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Once you complete a course, we will reward you with a certificate of completion.
This certificate is proof that you have successfully completed your Online Language Course!
Receiving this means that your effort and your hard work are recognized and valued.
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Get ready for your Erasmus semester abroad, an internship or a challenging job interview in a foreign country.

Certified lessons and curriculum

All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Our learning packages/prices in French online Skype lessons

Our highly qualified French tutors will guide you through the whole journey all the way from A1 to C2 offering online certified lessons and curriculum that follow the international CERF standards!

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Our professional tutors and full-time staff look forward to working with you to make your dream of learning a new language come true.
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