Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a lesson?

It's easy to have a lesson with a tutor on MyLingoTrip!
Step 1: Choose Language

Pick your language to learn! You can apply for a FREE lesson.

Step 2: Choose Date & Time

After your tutor has contacted you, you can choose a time that’s convenient for you.

Step 3: Connect!

Take your lessons on Skype or other video software.

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What MyLingoTrip is

Key Course Features

  • Professional assessment of current level & personalized curriculum A1-C2
  • Highly experienced & dedicated teachers: Constantly trained by us to teach in an online environment
  • Replacement of teachers in the event of longtime absence due to health reasons (upon request) or permanent leave
  • In-depth support to obtain all external language certificates


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Skype classes for individuals & companies
  • Free features including free trial class and free learning-materials
  • Instant secure payments with PayPal
  • Easy, industry-leading scheduling system & price structure
  • No subscription – Pay when purchasing a package

Learn a new language on Skype

  • Focused instruction
  • Innovative teaching methods and effective use of ICT
  • Enhanced learning outcome
  • From the comfort of your home
  • Flexibility – Built around your schedule
  • No distractions
  • Zero travel time and costs
  • Instant access to a variety of learning materials
  • Detailed data charts for progress monitoring
  • All you need is a computer & Internet access to learn a foreign language on Skype. We take care of the rest!
Frequently Asked Questions
For Students
What is MyLingoTrip?

MyLingoTrip is an online language school created by experienced teachers and a proficient support team of tech experts. Through our advanced platform, every person from around the world has the chance to learn a foreign language via Skype, with the use of cutting-edge technology and the support of a teacher that suits their personal needs.

Are all teachers qualified?

All MyLingoTrip tutors are qualified language teachers that hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in the language they teach, and most of them are native speakers of it. Constantly trained by us, they have the expertise to organize customized lessons in an online environment depending on their students’ goals, abilities, and aptitude.


What is the methodology used?

With a student-centered approach and effective use of ICT in language learning, we offer each student the opportunity to learn, enhance, and master a foreign language through online lessons and a bespoke study plan. A variety of strategies and activities are used to practice grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. Students have the lead role here, as the lessons are carefully designed to help them be actively involved!


How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson is scheduled to last 60 minutes.

Do you have a trial class?

Yes. You can take a 60-minute trial lesson for FREE before you commit yourself to a course.

What do I need to use MyLingoTrip?

You will need an internet connection, Skype installed on your computer, and perhaps a Skype-compatible computer headset. You can download skype for free, and you can purchase a headset from almost any electrical retailer.

How do I pay for my language lessons?

To book a lesson with a tutor, you will need to pay a booking fee to secure and schedule your lessons. All the prices you see in our language school include the teacher’s share, which you will deposit directly to your tutor’s PayPal/Bank Account.

Do you teach on Weekends?

Some teachers do teach on weekends. Please check the availability of your teacher to see if this is possible.


Do I have to buy extra learning material?

No! During the classes we provide the entire didactic material for all of our courses without any extra costs.


Do you offer lessons related to specialties such as healthcare, technology, construction, etc.?

One of the benefits of a private teacher is that lessons are customized to each student’s needs. Our courses cover a wide range of topics, depending on the student’s demands, necessities and goals. If there is a particular area of interest you would like to discuss, share it with your tutor.


What if I don’t like my instructor?

Although this has rarely been a problem, if you do not feel comfortable with your teacher, let us know, and we will start the replacement process.


How does the tutor rating system work?

All MyLingoTrip teachers are constantly evaluated for their performance. At the end of each course, students are asked to leave a rating score and feedback comment for their tutor to help us ensure the best teaching quality in every class. We compile the answers to these questions and present the results as part of the tutor’s profile.

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