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Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

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What is MyLingoTrip?

MyLingoTrip is not just an online school. It is an online platform through which every person around the world has the chance to learn a foreign language via Skype with a tutor that suits best his personal needs. MyLingoTrip’s target is to guarantee the quality of lessons offered through the close cooperation with tutors and students.

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson is scheduled to last 60 minutes.

Do you have a trial class?

Yes. You can take a 60-minute 1-on-1 trial class for FREE before you commit yourself to a course.

What do I need to use MyLingoTrip?

You will need an internet connection, Skype installed on your computer and a Skype compatible computer headset. Skype is free to download and you can purchase a headset from any good electrical retailer.

How do I pay for my language lessons?

To book a lesson with a tutor you will need to pay a booking fee to secure and schedule your preferred lesson time. All the prices you see in our marketplace are inclusive of the booking fee. Your tutor will invoice you directly for the balance owing using PayPal.

Do you teach on Weekends?

Some teachers do teach on weekends. Please check availability of your teacher, to see if this is an option.

What if I don’t like my instructor?

Although, this has not normally been a problem, if you do not feel comfortable with your teacher, we will replace your teacher with another one.

What is the methodology used?

In MyLingoTrip we emphasize on conversation via Skype . Supplementary material intended to optimize a student’s involvement in a lesson will be available to the student upon registering a course.Grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills will be practiced through conversation making use of a multitude of strategies and activities. The student has the lead role, as the lessons are designed for him or her to participate actively.

Are all tutors qualified?

All MyLingoTrip tutors are qualified language teachers. In addition, all MyLingoTrip teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. After every class, you can provide a detailed rating about your teacher to help us ensure the best teaching quality in every class.

Do you offer lessons that are specific to certain specialties such as healthcare, technology, construction, etc.?

One of the benefits of a private teacher is that the lesson can be customized to the needs of the student. If there is a particular area of interest that you would like to discuss, please share this with your tutor.

Do I have to buy extra learning materials?

No, we provide the necessary learning material for all of our courses on MyLingoTrip during the classes.

How does the tutor rating system work?

All MyLingoTrip tutors are judged on their performance. Following each lesson, students are asked to leave a rating score and feedback comment for their tutor. We compile the answers to these questions for every lesson a tutor has carried out and present the results as part of each tutor’s profile.

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Who we are:

MyLingoTrip is an online language school which offers a variety of foreign language lessons/courses. The classes are held live in our innovative virtual classrooms using Skype, and are taught exclusively by qualified, native speaking teachers. Because we believe that flexibility is essential, you can book classes at any time of the day, 24/7. Even if you are extremely busy, we make it possible for you to learn a new language at a time that is most convenient for you, be it at 3 am on a weeknight or at 9 pm on a Sunday. You can also take a private class focusing on the topic of your choice to prepare for something particular - a business meeting, a job interview or any other occasion which requires you to know specific vocabulary, for example.What makes MyLingoTrip special, is that we offer all the advantages of an actual language school, but the fact that we operate online allows us to correct the disadvantages of attending a traditional language school and even if you wish to learn the dialect of a country far away from yours, this can be taught by a local native speaker. Moreover, you can follow a course even if you are away from home as all you need to attend a lesson is a laptop with an internet connection. This is extremely helpful for people who travel a lot or move frequently.

Last but not least, your course can start any time you want, so why not start learning now?Each of our students is assigned a personal advisor who is available to answer questions, provide useful tips and follow his or her progress over time. This allows us to keep the learning process extremely personalized. Of course you can take classes with different teachers to get used to various styles of speaking your target language. We also want your learning plan to be tailored to your own needs, and we are ready to fulfill any specific request you might have - just get in touch!As an online language school, we are committed to providing you with the best learning experience. We give access to extensive learning material so you can keep learning outside of your lessons and you can keep track of your own progress using your student account.

We take pride in offering you the best teaching quality. To ensure this, you are invited to rate your teacher after each class. MyLingoTrip works on a subscription basis - all you have to do is choose your preferred package depending on how many classes you wish to take. Once you have booked a course, you can still benefit from our 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services we provide. That is just how confident we are in our product! Indeed, we believe that MyLingoTrip is the best way to learn a new language.
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