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Begin to learn German

The first thing you need to keep in mind when learning any new language, and also with German for beginners, is that you need to keep an open mind in relation to the new language. The sooner you learn to approach the new language from within that language (instead of translating in your mind from your own language), the sooner you will learn the language. The more you embrace the structure of the German language, the better you will master it.

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Other important tips:

*Become accustomed to learning nouns with their genders (‘der’, ‘die’ and ‘das’). This is an integral part of German, like an extension of the basic noun.

*Make sure you have a good dictionary you can rely on, in any form you desire (online, app, book)

Be patient with yourself and with the language. Learning and certainly becoming fluent at a language takes time, particularly in the beginning. However, you will notice your own progress perhaps sooner than you think, so don’t get discouraged, put in the work and begin to reap the rewards!


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Useful German Books for Beginners

There are many books that can help German students. Here are three of our favorites.

"Learn German With Stories: Café in Berlin - 10 Short Stories For Beginners" (by André Klein)

The main character is a Sicilian who arrives in Berlin only to find himself fall head-over-heels into an urban lifestyle that is both unfamiliar and strange. The cosmopolitan encounters are thrilling. The book showcases German culture while effortlessly improving grasp of the language.

"German For Dummies Audio CD – Audiobook" (by Edward Swick)

This quick-learning solution is appropriate for those who want to start speaking the language sooner. The Audiobook consists of three CDs and each one runs for 1 hour. The content features practical, focused instructions that are essential for building vocabulary.

"Easy German (Usborne Easy Languages) Paperback"(by Fiona Chandler & Nicole Irving)

This book teaches German grammar in a livelier way. The theme is adventure. It has been brilliantly interwoven with tests and puzzles, making the learning process more enjoyable. Grammar is kept simple and concise. It also contains great learning tips and a guide for proper pronunciation.


German for Beginners Courses

Whatever your reasons for considering a course of German for beginners, MyLingoTrip is a great place to start! At MyLingoTrip we understand what is required to introduce people to this language spoken by some 100 million people in Europe, so we have done our very best to make the learning as accessible, effective and fun as possible.

As you can review under How it Works, our learning system has been adapted to fit the needs of a modern, globalized, digitally interactive world and we compare very favourably to other learning systems, like the traditional language schools and online courses. So there is every reason to consider our German for beginners course and be well on your way to adding German to your CV or working with your clients in German.

With the German for beginners course at MyLingoTrip you can start at the very bottom, at level A1, creating a learning plan with a dedicated advisor to fit your personal needs. As a beginner you will start with intensive learning in private classes. You may choose from a schedule offering classes at every level in the areas of grammar and structure, reading and writing, and speaking and discussion; whereby pronunciation is of course also taken into account. Through the learning dashboard you can track your progress and find out how many classes you need to join to complete a level. Since are available 24 hours a day, you may advance at the rate you desire and require. All you need to bring to the table is the right, optimistic attitude.

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