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25 September 2019

How To Learn a Foreign Language Faster


Tips and hacks to learn a foreign language online!

Let’s assume that you took the first step and decided to learn a shiny new foreign language via Skype, and so far you have already found a qualified and experienced tutor that has the same vibes with you, and he or she is willing to assist you on your quest of becoming a multilingual creature! But surely you must be wondering, what else can you do to expedite this long processes, make things easier and hit that learning curve?

There are usually two categories of people, the first one tends to learn a foreign language very easily and makes the whole process look like a walk in the park. On the other hand some other people are struggling for great periods of time and regardless of the constant effort they make, the results are not as expected from their point of view. 

Whether you find yourself in the first group or the latter, I can give you some basic tips, which will eventually make you realise that learning a new language is more than a chore, it is the first step to a beautiful journey that will introduce you to  a new culture and a new civilization. It is actually a true investment for yourself and your self-confidence! 

In the next few lines I will share with you the quickest way to master a new language:

Watch a movie:

But keep the language settings to the original language!

Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and other leading subscription services for watching series and movies, they have in their catalogue a big selection of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch or even Greek films. Of course, different programs are available in different countries but I think you are getting my point here. 

So, first things first, find a  show with an interesting plot that grabs your attention and try to watch it in its original language with the subtitles set to your native language. That way you will familiarise yourself with the actual way that people are expressing themselves in this language that you are so willing to learn! Also, you will start picking up daily expressions that are commonly used in routine conversations.

It takes a while…

 After a few episodes you will realise that you are actually feeling comfortable enough to challenge yourself to the next level and swap the subtitles to the original language that matches the dialogues. 

Listen to music:

Learning a new foreign language by listening to songs is painless!

While you can watch an episode of your favourite foreign language series  before you go to sleep, give it a try start listening to music while you are away from home.

Fill that commute time with some foreign music!

While riding on the bus, or during a walk, or even while waiting for a friend. Just ask your tutor …or uncle Google if you are shy… about famous singers and songs originating from the language you are learning and update your commuting playlist. Memorizing the lyrics or singing the songs out loud is not a bad idea as you will find yourself, after a while, you will end up singing along in a language that no one around you understands!

Unleash the foodie from inside! 

If you are a food lover you probably have a list of foods from all around the world! Also, every self respected foodie likes to cook… and yes I know you do! So go ahead and dazzle people by cooking a traditional specialty from another country!

So many options online!

There are a lot of online blogs that provide you with easily explained recipes in the language you are learning. You can also watch videos on Youtube to help you through the whole process so you won’t make any mistake! It’s a fun and alternative way to practice your language skills and, literally, taste your success!  

Grab a backpack and leave the country!

Visit the country where people speak the language that you want to learn and try to stay there as much as possible!

Lo siento…Förlåt….Mi dispiace

Spanish, Swedish, Italian or any language the locals speak, try to Interact with them! Take a trip to the local markets, keep exploring and wandering around and don’t forget to make new friends! Every second that you are spending in that country gives you a better understanding and knowledge of the culture and the language that you are trying to learn.

Also, it is a nice excuse to give yourself some holidays! 

Kann ich einen Kaffee haben….Can I have a coffee ?

You guessed right ! The most important thing that you should do when you are trying to  learn a foreign language is to start practicing as soon as possible, like… right away… don’t wait a second!

  I mean it! 

A lot of people make the mistake to wait until they are confident that they know sufficient grammar and vocabulary to engage in a basic conversation!

The sooner the better!

Waiting to speak until you have become a master is just wrong because it really doesn’t matter how much vocabulary you know or how good you are in grammar, what really matters is to pass across the information.

Learning a new language has a start date but not an end date! 

From my personal experience, practise makes perfect. When you are trying to express yourself you will usually find that you lack the vocabulary to do so, but that is a great motivational task for you to search new vocabulary treasures and understand, in that way, words that previously didn’t make any sense to you. 

Be patient!

After a while you will realise it becomes easier and easier to communicate with your foreign friends in their language! Which comes to the next bullet!

Go to Language Exchange Meet – ups 

Have you ever thought about this before? No? Maybe because sometimes we don’t even know what our own city has to offer us. 

So, if you live in a cosmopolitan city do some research and find what day and time the exchange is happening and don’t be afraid to show up! Even if you are an introvert, and you are too shy to spark a conversation with someone in the beginning, an extrovert is most likely to approach you and start a conversation with you! And if you don’t feel confident to talk, you can just lay low and watch the others talk. It will be a very beneficial experience for you either way.

Read books

Books! The holy grail of studying and learning arts!

Don’t go big! You don’t need to start with an intellectual philosophical essay. Grab a children’s book and try to read it, I dare you! After a while you can level up to grown up books… or keep reading fairy tales… who am I to judge?

Quiz yourself! Use flashcards to memorize words

Are you ready to challenge yourself with a quick quiz? 

This is the fun part of learning a foreign language like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Dutch or even Chinese. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch, you may realise that memorizing the vocabulary of various  subjects can be really painful! Yes, welcome the the dark arts!

A tip from all of us

We, your future tutors, want to recommend you a time-tested method to help you accomplish this challenging task: 

Stick to your curriculum, it’s tailored to fit YOUR needs!

The only thing you will have to do is study the material that your tutor has given you such as: how to greet, how to present oneself, the colors, the animals, the months, the days of the week etc. and print them on flashcards, which are also called memory cards. That way you can memorize effectively the essential words around different topics. Take our word on that, the fun way is the fastest way to become a foreign language master! That tip can be effective later on with more advanced vocabulary as well. 

Fake it until you make it !

And don’t forget! The main objective here is to have fun while you are learning something new and take my word on that, it is more fun while you are using it!  This tip will allow you to keep your motivation levels high and it will catapult your linguistic skills to the top!

A tip to remember:

Those methods and tips will help you to improve and speed up your language skills and as a result, the whole process but they won’t teach you a foreign language. If you are serious about learning a new language properly you will need a qualified and experienced tutor. 

Remember that you don’t only learn a new foreign language, you expand your cultural knowledge and beliefs by taking up foreign language lessons!

Final Thoughts

Learning a new foreign language online is the best way to expand your linguistic knowledge! The flexibility and the tailor-fit curriculum that your personal tutor will provide will enable you to speak a new language in no time!

What? Are you still here and you don’t have a tutor?

Why don’t you go ahead then and have a free trial lesson on the house!

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