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Online Chinese classes via Skype and Virtual Classrooms. Under the guidance of a native and professional Chinese tutor.

Choose between individual 1-1 classrooms, or pair up with your friend, colleague, or partner for lessons in a group of 2!

Learn Chinese online under the supervision of a highly knowledgeable and dedicated Mandarin tutor. Enjoy our online courses and improve your language skills via Skype and virtual classrooms.

Philosophy, literature, arts, spiritual values, music, gastronomy! Chinese culture is among the richest and most enchanting in the world! Learning Mandarin Chinese is essential to anyone willing to have a better approach to it!

The continuous and rapid expansion of the Chinese economy has made the Mandarin language indispensable. Either to investing in international business or aiming for better employment opportunities.

Do you find yourself in any of the above-mentioned? Or are you just planning to spend your vacation walking on the Great Wall of China, and so all you need is some extra tips to communicate with the locals?

Well, regardless of your interests, our highly experienced and qualified Chinese teachers, native speakers of the language, will offer you the support required to learn Chinese!

Are you wondering how to learn Chinese fast and efficiently?

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  • Speaking Chinese means that you will be able to communicate with almost 1 billion people!
  • Moreover, the Chinese language is less complicated than many European languages!
  • And if the writing system with all those Chinese characters seems complicated to you, know that at the same time, that’s the beauty of it and rely on MyLingoTrip tutors for extra tips and tricks that will make it much easier for you to learn!
You need just the desire to learn and your laptop! MyLingoTrip will answer your call and give you proper guidance to achieve what you are aiming for! So, request your free trial Chinese lesson and start an online Chinese journey with us!

Learn Chinese online. Online Chinese classes, just one click away at any moment via Skype and virtual classrooms!


One to One

One to one online live lessons via Skype or other video software.
Watch the video to see how it works.

Group of 2

Take your friend, colleague, or partner
and join our language courses together.


Learning material included:
No need to buy books or audio!
Personalized learning:
Our classes are tailor-made for your needs and you will get a personalized curriculum.
Learn with the best:
Our tutors are native speakers, holding at least a university degree and attend our training before they can teach.
We care for our students, that’s why we are very strict in selecting the right tutors!

How do I schedule a lesson?

It's easy to have a lesson with a tutor on MyLingoTrip!
Step 1: Choose Language

Pick your language to learn! You can apply for a FREE lesson.

Step 2: Choose Date & Time

After your tutor has contacted you, you can choose a time that’s convenient for you.

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Take your lessons on Skype or other video software.

Our learning packages/prices in Chinese online Skype lessons

Highly Qualified Tutors
Our highly qualified tutors will guide you through your language journey all the way from A1 to C2, offering personalized lessons and study curriculum that follow the CEFR international language standards!
Money-back Guarantee
Though it’s extremely rare, if you are not 100% satisfied with our services you can cancel your course and receive a full refund within 7 days of your purchase!
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Certified lessons and curriculum

All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

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Whether you want to learn Chinese for business or pleasure, our Standard lessons on MyLingoTrip can help you reach your goal.
Our customized curriculum & flexible hours with your tutor make this our most popular package.
Our professional tutors and full-time staff look forward to working with you to make your dream of learning a new language come true.

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