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26 July 2019

Learn a Foreign Language via Skype


A bunch of reasons that should convince you to use Skype for learning a new foreign language!

Learn a Foreign Language via Skype

Learn a foreign language via Skype! Distant learning was never so disrupting and flexible as it is today! MyLingoTrip offers exclusive, one-to-one foreign language lessons for individuals covering the broader levels between A1 and up to C2.

We believe that you should invest in yourself and learn or enhance your skills in a foreign language by doing online flexible sessions, adjusting them to your time schedule.  

Nowadays, everything has moved online and so have you! Take a moment to reflect on how much time you spend daily on browsing online or navigating through various apps on your mobile devices. It is fair to say that the majority of your agenda can be found online.

So why not your education too?

Most likely, you had second thoughts about learning online since you probably haven’t tried it and you never realised that Skyping can sometimes be more effective than a conventional offline session?

In the next few words, I am going to show you why using Skype to learn a new or existing foreign language can be easier than using conventional offline teaching.


Learning a foreign language requires a tremendous amount of studying. You have to devote yourself in multiple sessions with your tutor that takes time and commitment, and are usually expensive since you have to commute to a local school or office.

On top of that, you have to personally commit a precious amount of time in doing homework and individual studying. Nowadays, personal time can be very limited and the majority of students get frustrated and impatient and as a result they quit, simply because they cannot keep up with this studying model.

Skype lessons are tailored to your time needs

Online Language Schools have efficiently tackled this problem, by allowing you to be as flexible as possible, since you don’t have to be attending repeated, inconvenient sessions.

Your decision!

By studying online, you take the helm and plot weekly scheduled sessions with your tutor that fits your timeline.


One of the greatest advantages that online language learning can offer is the freedom and agility to study and learn from the comfort of your mobile device. Skyping can help break the ice much faster than a conventional session. This is due to the fact, that you don’t have to spend time preparing to meet your tutor in an unknown place, but instead all you have to do is call your tutor when it’s time for your next lesson.

Internet knows no limits!

You can study anywhere at anytime! Skype lessons can be performed while you are travelling, or while you are having your lunch break at work, or even on a nice morning in your local Starbucks. You don’t have to limit yourself!  

Skype lessons are cost effective

Online lessons can be cheaper to your pocket than old-school lessons.

For example:

  • In an offline school, prices may differ if you decide to learn English instead of Swedish, Dutch or a not so common foreign language. Online language schools such as MyLingoTrip have neutralized this outdated problem because we want to encourage you to invest in yourself and take up a foreign language that you enjoy and not your pocket!

Or in case that you want to cancel a lesson…

  • Life can be unpredictable and we acknowledge that,  so if you manage to cancel or reschedule a lesson 48 hours before the lesson begins, you will not be charged a single penny! How’s that sound?

If you are convinced about learning a language via Skype

let us help you find what you need!

Get onboard today!

MyLingoTrip is designed to offer to YOU the ultimate language learning experience. We provide you with a variety of famous and amazing foreign languages such as English, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Dutch, German, French or Spanish.

Our tutors are individually experienced in all those languages and we endeavor to make teaching fun for you in order to stimulate the cosmopolitan and language-enthusiast side of yours!

Our online language school offers time flexibility, cheap study packages, one-to-one tutorials, custom-tailored on-demand curriculum access and many more features that aim to revive the old traditional teaching methods to reflect studying on the 21st Century!

On-Demand access to your personal curriculum

Our online learning services allow you to access the study material that your tutor has prepared, 24/7 without any restrictions. It is our understanding that, the study material we provide is up to you to understand it, acknowledge it and prepare questions for your tutor!

All you need to access your study pack is your mobile device and a good internet connection. No more excuses about your dog eating your homework!

All our efforts are focused on you!

Yes that is true, without the need for you and us to travel around the city, it is now much easier for us to prepare a tailored-made plan to fit your learning needs. You can choose to learn the foreign language of your dream such as Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish, French or Italian or English!

You invest in yourself and we help you with that!

We here at MyLingoTrip are all qualified to the highest possible levels in order to make your personal ambitions about language learning a reality!

Our tutors make sure that you understand the study plan beforehand and that your tailored study pack is competitive enough to keep you interested without depleting your energy and eagerness to continue your studies.

MyLingoTrip tutors can offer you the best experience in language learning or even enhancing an already taught language by transforming the old and convenient “stu-dying” into fun!

Go lightweight

All you need is a Skype-capable device, and a good stable connection on the Internet. Last but not least, we recommend you to have a mug of your favourite drink, relax and let us take care of all the rest!

We want you to discover all those things that we promised yourself!

Get a free Trial with MyLingoTrip today!

English! Spanish! Italian! German! French! Greek! Swedish! Dutch!

One-one Language training – Online Language lesson via Skype – Distant Learning – Affordable price

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