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Get the fully personalized one-to-one MyLingoTrip learning experience or join our dynamic group lessons to learn alongside peers who share your enthusiasm.

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  • Personalized Attention
  • Flexible Scheduling
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  • Collaborative Learning
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How does it work?

MyLingoTrip is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way on your language learning journey. We’ll pair you with the ideal teacher and provide the tools and support you need to reach your goals.


Why MyLingoTrip?

Experience the benefits of learning with MyLingoTrip. Our expert teachers, innovative tech tools, personalized lessons, and extensive curriculum ensure a rewarding language learning journey.

Highly Experienced Teachers

The expertise and qualifications of our online language teachers guarantee the delivery of top-quality language instruction that is customized to meet your individual needs.

MyLingoTrip Tools

Enhance your language learning experience with our user-friendly Learning Management System. Our advanced technology and interactive features provide a seamless platform to engage with lessons, track progress, and achieve your goals.

Student evaluation & Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress and stay informed about your current level with our evaluation and tracking system. Stay updated on your language proficiency at any time.

Customized Lessons

Our courses are designed to match your pace, keeping you motivated and engaged throughout your language learning journey. With personalized lessons, you'll build confidence in your progress and achieve your language goals in a fun and effective way.

Extensive Curriculum

Our carefully constructed curriculum, following CEFR guidelines, offers diverse learning units for each level. With a wide range of subjects and topics, you can master your preferred language at any difficulty level.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing a course at MyLingoTrip, you will be awarded a certificate, recognizing your commitment and achievements in your language learning journey.

My teacher is very knowledgeable and professional.


They put a lot of care and effort into making sure each lesson is personalized.


The fact that I get to learn from a local is a huge advantage.


Scheduling lessons and accessing learning materials through the platform is super easy.


It is so good to have the flexibility to adapt lessons to my own schedule.


Highly Qualified
Language Teachers

Our team is composed of passionate, experienced, and dedicated language teachers from around the globe. A meticulous selection process ensures that only the best educators join our team, enabling us to maintain the exceptional quality of teaching we are renowned for.

A Revolutionary Platform

Experience the online language learning revolution: a cutting-edge platform that combines advanced tech tools, user-friendly design, and personalized features. It’s the ultimate way to learn languages.

Tailoring Success: Set your Goals and watch your progress, lesson by lesson, with personalized reports and regular performance updates.
  • Tailoring Success: Set your Goals and watch your progress, lesson by lesson, with personalized reports and regular performance updates.
User-Centric and Fun: A Modern Learning Management System Designed for Effortless Interaction and Engagement.
Certificates of Attendance and Completion: Instantly accessible and always up-to-date to celebrate your progress and milestones.
Empower Your Learning: Enjoy a student-focused experience, seamlessly optimized for any device.

MyLingoTrip is the best way to learn Korean online!

Our courses cover any topic, depending on your demands, necessities, and goals. Take your knowledge further than using just some common Korean words and phrases: be able to communicate in any Korean-speaking country!

  • Korean listening practice
  • Learn Korean grammar and vocabulary
  • Practice Korean speaking and improve your communication skills
  • Master reading and writing with bite-sized exercises
  • Business Korean course online
  • Preparation tips for a job interview

Korean exam preparation courses

Acquire international Korean certificates and aim for top scores!

Looking to earn internationally recognized Korean certificates? MyLingoTrip provides online exam preparation courses to help you achieve your goals and reach the highest scores.


The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a standardized test designed by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) to assess the Korean language proficiency of non-native speakers. The TOPIK evaluates a candidate's abilities in listening, reading, and writing Korean.

TOPIK is divided into two levels: TOPIK I for beginners (Level 1-2) and TOPIK II for intermediate and advanced learners (Level 3-6).

For more detailed information about the TOPIK, its structure, and the registration process, you can visit the official

Get Certified

We recognize and celebrate your dedication to language learning with two distinct certificates: the Certificate of Attendance and the Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of Attendance

Attendance Certificate

Certificate of Completion

Completion Certificate

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! MyLingoTrip welcomes learners of all proficiency levels, from complete beginners to advanced speakers. Our skilled instructors are ready and enthusiastic to guide you through your language learning journey, tailored to your individual level and goals.
Progressing to a new language level like A1, A2, and beyond is a personal journey that varies for each learner. It depends on your starting point, the pace at which you grasp new concepts, and your opportunities to practice. We're here to provide tailored support and guidance to help you advance at a pace that's comfortable and effective for you.
Rest assured, with our diverse team of experienced teachers, we're committed to matching you with an instructor who meets your learning needs and style. If the first match isn't perfect, we'll work with you to find a teacher that is tailored to your personal requirements.
Recognizing that our students often have dynamic and varied schedules, we provide the option to arrange lessons with flexibility in mind. You're welcome to set up your lessons on a week-by-week basis. We simply ask that you communicate your scheduling needs ahead of time, allowing us to ensure availability with teachers who can accommodate such flexibility.
You can easily cancel or reschedule a lesson through the MLT Platform. Our standard cancellation policy requires you to do this at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. For added flexibility, we offer a `Flexible` package that allows you to cancel up to 12 hours before your lesson. If you need even more adaptability, our `Premium` package provides a cancellation policy that requires just a 4-hour notice.
Yes, we offer a range of packages with varying hourly rates depending on the number of class hours you pre-purchase. For those looking to fully immerse themselves in their language learning journey, our best value comes from pre-purchasing 50 class hours. For more details on the specific rates and packages available, we invite you to visit our pricing page.
Definitely! We fully support your ambition to learn multiple languages and would be delighted to help you set up a learning schedule for both.
While homework is a valuable tool for reinforcing what you've learned and giving both you and your teacher insight into your progress, we understand that life can get busy. You can certainly still learn a language effectively with MyLingoTrip even without extra homework. Keep in mind that it may take a bit more time to advance to the next level, but our instructors will be there to support your learning journey every step of the way.