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Why MyLingoTrip

Online Language Training; Anytime; Anywhere; 365…

MyLingoTrip is the easy and effective way to learn a foreign language online. Enjoy interactive classes on Skype with some of the best native speaking language teachers from around the world.

In our very busy life, who has time now to go to a language school to learn a foreign language? With just a computer, an Internet connection and a headset, you can travel the world and enjoy a private lesson in full immersion with one of our tutors without leaving your home or office. MyLingoTrip is focused on your needs, therefore more efficient than learning from a book, and you can flexibly schedule your lessons at your convenience. Skype is a great software to communicate with your tutor, no matter where he is in the world. The sound quality is really good as long as your broadband Internet connection works and you can even put your webcam on.


Home Study
Traditional Classes


Tailored to your needs

Get the personal touch
One to one motivation and encouragement helping you to succeed.
Tailor made language courses. Real time language lessons customized to meet your individual needs.
Individual attention to detail focused on your language learning goals & objectives.
Identify and address mistakes quickly to avoid repetition.

Convenience, Ease, Accessibility

Learn where you want; when you want.
Book lesson time online through your account. Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle.
Quick and easy rescheduling features.
Learn online from practically any location.
Zero travel costs.

Live Conversation; Native Speakers

There's no substitute for the real thing.
Live conversation. The most effective and fun way to learn a foreign language.
Share documents and learning materials online with your tutor.
One to one interaction builds confidence and vocabulary quickly.

Monitor your progress; Rapid Feedback

Track your progress as you learn.
Monitor and view your progress in each core language skill. Online analysis and instant feedback from your tutor enables you to track your progress over time and see your progression.

Rigorous quality standards

Less than one in 20 teachers who apply are successful. Only the best get in.
Access to some of the best language teachers from around the world.
24/7 monitoring of tutor performance.
99% of students rate our service as a positive learning experience

Cost effective and flexible pricing

Affordable one to one language tuition.
No need to purchase bulk lesson time. Buy as many or as few language classes as you need or want.
Loyalty discounts available with many tutors making it progressively cheaper as you learn.
Shop around our tutor market place to find the best deal for you.

Try Before you Buy

Try it for free.
Free introductory classes available with many tutors.

User Feedback

24/7 Quality control
View user feedback comments and lesson scores before picking a tutor.
Make an informed choice.

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