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MyLingoTrip means high-quality tutoring, innovative teaching methods, and tailor-made lessons that correspond to each student’s needs and goals. We offer exam preparation courses for the most recognized language certificates, fast & efficient student support, and free e-learning material.

Οur support team is ready to assist you by providing answers to any possible concern or issue you may encounter throughout your language journey!

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Intensive Learning

In our 60-minute classes, students can learn intensively with a private teacher via Skype and virtual classrooms. By focusing on each student’s level, interests, and goals, our classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results in a relatively short time. Your teacher will prepare a course based on your personal needs. During the lesson, you will receive direct explanations, corrections, and feedback that will help you improve your language skills instantly.

Exclusively Native Speakers

All of our teachers are fluent in English and native speakers of the language they teach. They are highly qualified and trained to teach in an online environment, and they offer their students the best possible learning experience. With passion, determination, and expertise, our teachers will ensure a challenging, effective, yet fun way of learning!

Classes Made For You

Whether you are preparing for an exam, an upcoming interview, or a presentation at work, our teachers will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals. Our classes are available at any time. Just choose a course from our curriculum or request your topic, date, time, and learn with a private teacher.

Learn via Skype

Ultimate flexibility in language learning. Pick lesson times that fit your lifestyle and learn online via Skype and virtual classrooms from any location. It’s affordable too. Book from 10 to 20 lessons, depending on your needs and goals.

Transparent Tutor Evaluation

We make a great effort to ensure the quality of our service. Through stringent hiring criteria, we make sure that the required technical and teaching qualifications are met. Furthermore, we maintain high teaching quality by evaluating feedbacks and ratings from our students.

Extensive Curriculum

Together with language experts and students, MyLingoTrip has created an extensive curriculum with different learning units for each level, following CEFR guidelines. Covering a broad range of topics and learning areas, hundreds of divergent learning materials will enable students to master the new language, with classes tailored to their interests and learning goals.

Achieve your goals quickly with support & motivation

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Pick lesson times that fit your lifestyle and learn online from any location via Skype and virtual classrooms.


We believe that everyone should have access to educational resources. As a result, we provide competitive prices to enable people of various economic backgrounds to be involved in language learning.


Personalized language training! Achieve your goals quickly with support & motivation from your own personal tutor.

One to One

One to one online live lessons via Skype or other video software.
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Group of 2

Take your friend, colleague, or partner
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Home Study
Traditional Classes
Tailored to your needs
Get the personal touch
Motivation and encouragement helping you to succeed.
Tailor-made language courses. Real-time language lessons, customized to meet your personal needs.
Individual attention to detail focused on your language learning goals & objectives.
Identify and address mistakes quickly to avoid repetition.
Convenience, Ease, Accessibility
Learn where you want; when you want.
Learn at any time. Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle.
Quick and easy rescheduling features.
Learn online from any place.
Zero travel costs.
Live Conversation; Native Speakers
There's no substitute for the real thing.
Live conversation. The most effective and fun way to learn a foreign language.
Share documents and learning material with your tutor online.
One to one interaction builds confidence and fluency.
Monitor your progress; Rapid Feedback
Track your progress as you learn.
Monitor and view your progress in each core language skill. Online analysis and instant feedback from your tutor allow you to track your progress over time.
Rigorous quality standards
Almost 1 in 20 teachers who apply are successful. Only the best get in!
Learn with some of the best language teachers from around the world.
24/7 monitoring of tutor performance.
99% of students rate our service as a positive learning experience.
Cost effective and flexible pricing
Affordable one to one language tuition.
Learn at your pace.
Purchase the package that suits you best.
Choose a 10, 15, or 20 hours course.
Try Before you Buy
Try it for free.
Free introductory classes available.
User Feedback
24/7 Quality control
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Make an informed choice.

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