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Who we are

MyLingoTrip stands as a premier online language school, uniting teachers and students globally for teaching and learning endeavors. Our language lessons are conducted online through virtual classrooms and Skype, allowing you to see, hear, and interact with one another. It's akin to a traditional language school experience, but offered in a convenient online format!

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced (native or with native fluency) language teacher with relevant academic background.
  • Eager to flexible working.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Have good computer skills.
  • Love teaching.
  • Enjoy working with international students.

How do I join MyLingoTrip?

MyLingoTrip is a dedicated online language school seeking professional, highly-qualified teachers. If you believe you meet our teaching standards, we invite you to complete our application form.

After submitting your application, our skilled team will assess your qualifications and respond to you as promptly as possible. In the meantime, you can monitor the progress of your application on our website.

We also encourage you to follow our LinkedIn profile for updates on job postings.

What's it like to teach at MyLingoTrip?

Teaching with MyLingoTrip means becoming a member of a continuously growing community, and collaborating and communicating with fellow teachers and colleagues on a regular basis.

  • We consistently provide training on our platform's tools and special features, including guidance on teaching in an online environment.
  • You can reach out to our support team for assistance with any issues, and we will help you address them effectively.
  • As part of the MyLingoTrip Slack community, you'll be connected with students through your Slack profile. You'll also stay updated with the company's news and announcements, have the ability to contact our HR team, and exchange educational resources with your colleagues.
  • We foster continuous learning and development.

Is it necessary for me to find students on my own?

Not at all, unless you have an interested party! We take on the responsibility of pairing you with a student whose needs, objectives, and schedule align with yours.

You'll be required to conduct a free trial lesson with the student. If both parties are satisfied and the schedules align, you can proceed with the course. 

The process is as follows: Students request a free trial lesson, during which they provide information about their availability, needs, and goals. We then assign them the most suitable MLT teacher. The trial class takes place, after which students can purchase the course package of their choice. Lessons can begin as soon as possible.

How am I compensated?

As an MLT teacher, you will receive payment upfront, prior to the commencement of a course. When students purchase a course package, they pay the full amount on our platform, which includes both the booking fee and the teacher's share. Following this, MyLingoTrip transfers your share to your account. Please note that lessons can only begin after transactions have been verified.

How are online classes conducted?

Lessons can be carried out through various platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. We're currently developing our own platform, MyLingoClassroom, but it's not yet available.

How long does each lesson last?

We recommend classes of 60 minutes, but the duration can be mutually decided between you and your students. The system accommodates bookings ranging from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

What equipment is needed for MyLingoTrip?

You'll need a PC or laptop with a stable internet connection. Please note, mobile devices or tablets are not suitable.

10+ years of experience

within the online education sector

Join MyLingoTrip and benefit from our extensive 10+ years of experience in online language learning. Our students from 60+ countries have achieved language proficiency and received our recognized certificates, enabling them to thrive in a globalized world.

7500+ students
59 countries

Explore the Benefits

Experience the benefits of learning with MyLingoTrip. Our expert teachers, innovative tech tools, personalized lessons, and extensive curriculum ensure a rewarding language learning journey.

Wider reach

Teaching online with MyLingoTrip allows you to reach students from all around the world, without the limitations of geographical boundaries. This creates even more opportunities to connect with a diverse range of learners.

Enhanced resources and technology

We believe in our teachers' individual teaching approach, which is why we support you in using your own teaching material, while also providing you with the latest digital resources and technology tools that allow you to create dynamic and immersive lessons.


Teaching online with MyLingoTrip provides flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. You can have your schedule based on your own availability by choosing the hours that work best for you.

Continuous support

You can rest assured that our team is always going to be here to assist you with any possible issues that might occur. Being part of MyLingoTrip means you are not alone.

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