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About MLT

The rigorous quality standards we set regarding our online tutors play a crucial role in our success and worldwide recognition. Through stringent hiring criteria, we make sure that the required technical and teaching qualifications are met.

All our teachers are qualified native speakers of the language they teach or have a relevant academic background. We monitor their progress constantly by evaluating feedback and ratings from the students who participate in our online language courses.

The secret of our success lies in teamwork. Along with our teachers, we form a great and strong team that cooperates and works hard daily. We provide them with all the support needed, exchange ideas, and confront any possible issue together to offer our students an excellent learning experience!

Our mission is to create a modern digital environment for language learning through high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art technology, and in-depth support.

We design our online language classes in a way that they correspond to each student’s requirements: We aim to keep the learning process personalized! Moreover, our platform is fully equipped with the most updated tech tools and special functions that are easy to use and make the learning experience smoother.

Explore the Benefits

Experience the benefits of learning with MyLingoTrip. Our expert teachers, innovative tech tools, personalized lessons, and extensive curriculum ensure a rewarding language learning journey.

Highly Experienced Teachers

The expertise and qualifications of our online language teachers guarantee the delivery of top-quality language instruction that is customized to meet your individual needs.

MyLingoTrip Tools

Enhance your language learning experience with our user-friendly Learning Management System. Our advanced technology and interactive features provide a seamless platform to engage with lessons, track progress, and achieve your goals.

Student evaluation & Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress and stay informed about your current level with our evaluation and tracking system. Stay updated on your language proficiency at any time.

Customized Lessons

Our courses are designed to match your pace, keeping you motivated and engaged throughout your language learning journey. With personalized lessons, you'll build confidence in your progress and achieve your language goals in a fun and effective way.

Extensive Curriculum

Our carefully constructed curriculum, following CEFR guidelines, offers diverse learning units for each level. With a wide range of subjects and topics, you can master your preferred language at any difficulty level.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing a course at MyLingoTrip, you will be awarded a certificate, recognizing your commitment and achievements in your language learning journey.

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United States

Terrific quality

I have been taking Spanish lessons for over 3 years with MyLingoTrip. My experience has been very positive. It is wonderful to have a one-on-one setting without other students to influence the course of the lesson. The price is very reasonable, and the convenience of Skype sessions is unique.



Korean and Japanese lessons

I have been taking Korean and Japanese lessons and I am more than satisfied with how things are working out! Both my tutors are competent and willing to adapt to my learning objectives. MyLingoTrip did a really good job pairing me with them! This platform is the best I have ever come across when it comes to language lessons!



Can only recommend Mylingotrip!

The booking process was easy and quick. As you can choose 1 on 1 classes, the course can be fitted to your wishes. It's also easy to take these classes if you have a busy schedule because the teachers are flexible. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to learn a language.

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